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  • The CAP method

    The CAP method

    The CAP method is based on the benefit and proof we bring to the customer. It’s a rudimentary sales technique, but well suited to the sale of simple products, and ideal for technical salespeople who know their product inside out. The CAP method Advantages and disadvantages Advantages of the CAP method Disadvantages CAP application examples…

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  • How to prospect

    How to prospect

    We present you with tips and methods for prospecting in increasingly difficult conditions linked to new legislation against telemarketing and mass mailing. Prospecting has always been difficult, now it’s an art. Business development through inbound and outbound marketing Outbound marketing consists of pushing products towards customers, a push strategy that corresponds to prospecting. The main…

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  • CRM for small businesses

    CRM for small businesses

    CRM enables a small business to optimize the sales equation, and is the key tool for developing its business, seeking out new prospects, retaining existing customers and improving the customer experience. The sales equation is: number of contacts x sales closing rate x average sales = total sales. Here’s what you need to do with…

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  • CRM and ERP

    CRM and ERP

      CRM is a customer management system, while ERP is a corporate resource management system. CRM CRM is all about satisfying customers and maximizing their income in an intelligent way, at the right time. These are its main functions.   ERP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are designed to integrate and optimize different business functions.…

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  • CRM and artificial intelligence

    CRM and artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence can automate personalized responses and analyze CRM data in real time to better understand customers and their motivations, and thus facilitate decision-making based on trend analysis. The possibilities offered by AI in CRM The main advantage of AI is its ability to rapidly analyze a large mass of data in real time to…

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  • CRM and CMS

    CRM and CMS

      CRM and CMS are two complementary data management systems, but with very different objectives. CRM aims to manage customer relationships, data, interactions and follow-up, while CMS aims to create, store and manage digital content on a web platform. CRM applications CRMs manage customer relationships to serve them better, but also to optimize them, as…

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  • SNAP sale method

    SNAP sale method

    The SNAP sale method isn’t for complicated salespeople or customer-centric salespeople, but rather an effective pressure sales technique. It’s the technique of one of the best salesmen and manipulators I’ve ever met, and it’s particularly well-suited to the sale of unique objects, in the art market for example. Simple Speak to your customers in simple,…

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  • Free CRM

    Free CRM

    Looking for a free CRM? a number of companies offer restricted free versions, with limited functionality, time or number of customers. I’m not presenting the current offers here – they change every day – but rather the sites that offer them and the different types of offer. You can then refine your search by going…

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  • SPIN sales method

    SPIN sales method

    The SPIN method is a tried and tested American method widely used in North America. It’s based on identifying the customer’s problem and proposing a solution. The SPIN sales method The SPIN method is based on 4 steps: Situation You should ask the customer general questions to get to know him better: At this level,…

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  • SOS sales method

    SOS sales method

    The SOS sales method is based on discovering the customer’s situation and problems, then understanding their dreams, before proposing a solution that will enable them to achieve them. Of all sales methods, SOS is the simplest, most intuitive and most effective. The SOS sales method Situation In this phase, salespeople try to find out more…

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