Free, flexible, simple, effective CRM to boost your sales

ActionClient, for SMEs and the self-employed, lets you concentrate on sales and prospecting.

CRM for SMBs, small businesses, freelancers and sales reps – simple, easy and effective to boost your sales. The only customer relationship manager made by salespeople for salespeople. Try the free version.

What is a CRM?

This small-business CRM is the simplest, most efficiency-oriented CRM on the market.

A CRM is a software program that makes it easier to manage your customers or contacts, by keeping a record of exchanges and follow-up actions. It’s called GRC or customer relationship management.

A CRM is designed to make your job easier and save you time.

Unfortunately, in real life, the majority of well-known CRMs do the opposite and hinder salespeople’s work, which is why we created ActionClient.

We prioritize action support over filling in long, complicated forms for statistical purposes, which is key in a small company, SME, startup or self-employed worker.

Who is ActionClient for?

You’ll be interested in this tool if you’re a small business, SME, VSE, startup or freelancer, and your priority is to develop your business. A company is only as good as its customers, so your priority is to serve them as well as possible so that they stay, and to attract new customers.

Self-employed workers

You’ve developed a product or service and want to increase your efficiency and rest your memory with an easy-to-use tool? ActionClient is ideal for you.

Small and medium-sized companies

Any SME or TTE with 3 or 4 salespeople or customer service agents.

Representatives and agents

Representatives and agents in the following sectors: insurance agents, real estate brokers, financial advisors, financial planners, multi-card representatives, brokers in all fields.

Stores and distribution outlets

Businesses that need to keep close track of their customers: beauticians, hairdressers, beauty products, health foods. The best saleswomen know that it’s loyalty calls to good customers that pay off the most.


Craftsmen in all fields: construction, repairs, to keep track of your interventions and provide personalized service taking into account your customers’ preferences.

Customer service agents

Customer service agents who want to provide personalized service and develop a new customer base.

Anyone who manages contacts

Whether by telephone, e-mail or face-to-face.

With this in mind, we refused to install features that would have been useless for the majority of users and would have complicated the tool. We prioritize ease of use by people whose priority is to do their job rather than fill in complex forms.

We also offer a version for sales managers in medium-sized companies, with team statistics.

The origin of ActionClient

When Jean-Pierre Mercier came to North America on a budget of $3 a day, he set up my company using a paper file system that enabled him to develop his training and consulting business and then offer the same system to his customers, including some of the biggest companies in North America. ActionClient is based on these principles, which have been validated by a number of companies that have all succeeded in increasing their sales and efficiency.

ActionClient was developed using the IT skills of Orphic, a Montreal-based company specializing in software development. You can use the free version here or purchase the pro version.

Why ActionClient makes you more money

The reason is simple: everything is designed to maximize your working time and make it more efficient, which means talking to your customers, not filling out paperwork.

What’s more, your sales are linked to an equation:

Number of customer contacts x closing rate x average sales = total sales

Our system is designed to increase every one of your numbers:

  • Increase the number of contacts by simplifying your tasks
  • Increase your closing rate with personalized customer information
  • Average sales thanks to the ability to prioritize and select your customers and prospects


Try ActionClient for free!

Avantages de notre outil

  • CRM for small businesses, SMEs, VSEs, freelancers and startups, developed specifically for their needs
  • Designed by salespeople for salespeople
  • Simple, easy to use, intuitive
  • All activities can be carried out from a single page, with no need to navigate through complicated software.
  • Uses files from your computer or cloud, so you don’t have to change your habits.
  • All your file accesses can be grouped together on one page, with all your important shortcuts to your files on your cloud.
  • Can be used for telephone, e-mail or face-to-face follow-ups
  • E-mails from your keyboard
  • Clicking calls from your phone
  • Maximize your efficient time, minimize your administrative time
  • Action-oriented rather than report-oriented
  • Easy-to-give follow-up
  • Working and monitoring tool

Features of this CRM for small businesses

  • Keeping track of your customers and prospects
  • Possibility of prospecting from the general table of all customers to speed things up, or from the complete files to study them before calling.
  • Sorted by contact and follow-up date
  • Follow-up can be scheduled precisely or by month, just like in real life. This is key in a small business.
  • Direct calls from the tool
  • Direct e-mail from the tool
  • No need to enter activity dates, it’s done automatically
  • Simple, complete customer contact history is automatically generated.
  • Category column to adapt the tool to your customers’ specific needs.
  • Free version available on this site.

What you stand to gain from other CRMs for SMEs

Having to transfer files from your CRM to your IT system or vice versa

  • Synchronize your CRM files with your computer
  • Complicated software with dozens of pages
  • Complicated codes to fill in
  • Spend more time managing the tool than prospecting
  • Menu and sub-menu entry and code entry for each call made
  • Software designed by information for salespeople
  • Software made to produce marketing reports: spending more time justifying missed sales than using that time to sell
  • Systems that are very expensive to implement and require trainers, which is time-consuming and costly for a small or medium-sized company.


Try ActionClient for free!

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