How to choose a CRM? Comparison of the main customer relationship management systems.

CRM is an indispensable tool for managing customers and prospects, but how do you choose the right one?

So that you can choose the best CRM for you, here we compare 48 of the world’s best CRMs and show you which are the simplest, the most effective and the ones that salespeople prefer. There’s no point in having customer relationship management if it doesn’t serve to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

The best CRMs in terms of efficiency, simplicity and salesperson appreciation

Zoho CRM

Salesforce Sales Cloud

HubSpot Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales

SAP Sales Cloud

Comparison of the leading CRMs on the market

CRMFeaturesBenefits Disadvantages
ActionClientSimple CRM designed by and for salespeopleThe best tool for increasing sales, fun to use and loved by salespeople.Limited adaptations to keep it simple
Sales ForceScalable platformMost frequently encounteredComplexity, many salespeople hate it
Microsoft DynamicsSoftware rangeThe system of the largest companiesEven more complicated than Sales Force
SugarSimplifies the management of complicated sales processesFlexible parameterization on a wide range of mediaParameterization also means complexity.
HubSpotBased on centralized customer relationship dataOffers courses and certificates for system useComplexity, system control by expensive supplier, difficult to modify matrices.
ZohoComplete solution covering all phases of customer relationsAutomates repetitive tasks such as collecting customer dataToo many possible applications. No method for qualifying prospects
PipeDriveCRM for easy tracking of sales and resultsMobile application, many possible integrationsNo possibility of sending quotes. No invoicing possible
MondaySalesCustomer relationship and sales process managementAutomates certain tasksToo many modification options
Nutshelllead management for inbound, outbound and external teamsEasy tracking of business opportunities.Very limited functionality compared to other CRMs
FreshsalesCRM for digital teamsWell accepted by digital solution vendorsHighly specialized in digital technology
Oracle CRMSystem mainly based on customer invoicing and supplier paymentsAdaptable task optimizationDifficult to implement, numerous error messages, frustrating
CapsuleCRM focused on helping salespeople.Easy to useFew marketing and mailing functionalities, obligation to put mails in bcc to keep them.
AgileCRM with sales, marketing and service automation on a single platform.Create automated marketing campaigns and keep track of contacts and information.Seems complicated to users who regularly have to call the manufacturer’s support team.
Pipe DriveCRM for SMEs that don’t yet have oneSimple, few clicks to perform a task, well accepted by vendorsNo marketing tools included
Team LeaderComprehensive management tool enabling the whole team to work togetherThe sale is divided into phases that can be worked onAll salespeople know that these sales phases are often arbitrary.
CentrixAll-in-one CRM, made in CanadaEasy to useLack of key statistics
AxonautFrench system. Combining ERP and CRMOften found in SMEsTakes time to understand all functions
You DayFrench system for centralizing all dataAdaptable to different professions, can be parameterized.It’s not a very common piece of software.
Divalto WeavyFrench customer relationship management, from prospecting to after-sales service For everyone from managers and sales reps to customer service agents.No online support.
Team GateCRM including several existing software packagesNice interface, easy to useDifficult to change dashboard filters, difficult to use for project management
InsigthlyCRM and integrated project managementDesigned to integrate your contacts and Google Doc documents.Expensive, complex to install.

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