CRM for customer service, how to use it

Good customer service means a perfect customer experience, which means a warm relationship, but also exemplary professionalism based on a simple and effective CRM. Here are the main benefits your CRM, also known as Customer Experience Management (CEM), should deliver.

A personalized relationship

A personalized relationship thanks to the information you’ve taken from each contact and the relationship history that must be kept.

The information must include not only the products and services purchased, but also relevant personal details so as to better satisfy the customer.

Precise tracking

Professionalism means being able to call customers back at the right time, and that’s what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about. This date can be the one requested by the customer or the one you consider relevant. This can also enable you to contact the customer by adapting to the consumption cycles of your products and services.

Fast contacts for better customer service

You’ve probably already come into contact with an agent who took 30 minutes to perform a service that should have taken 3 minutes. The reason was that the agent was looking for information and was having trouble finding the right information. A good CRM must be quick and easy for the agent to use, not only to serve more people and reduce service costs per contact, but also to provide a better customer experience.

Matrices to help customer service agents

The matrices enable agents to carry out their work more qualitatively and quickly than would otherwise be the case. These tools standardize work while leaving flexibility for the employee.

One-stop contact centralization

Ideally, if your company is well organized, all customer contacts are centralized in a single point, so any agent can have a global and complete view of the history with this customer to serve him better. This requires the CRM to be used by everyone in contact with the customer, and to be completed for every contact.

A good CRM improves every stage of customer service

  • Preparing contact with the customer is made easier by centralizing all information. Data can be accessed quickly, either when we call the customer or when the customer contacts us.
  • This ice-breaking contact is personalized thanks to the information we have about the customer, his habits and preferences.
  • The discovery of needs enables the information already in the system to be completed and updated. It is possible to validate information already noted during previous contacts, which reinforces credibility with the customer.
  • The solutions presented are adapted not only to the information provided, but also to the customer’s history and preferences.
  • Objections are noted, as well as the best answers, in order to better respond to blockages, reluctance, insecurity, etc.
  • All this information will enable you to complete the contact more quickly and efficiently.
  • Last but not least, the information recorded will enable personalized follow-up, which is the hallmark of impeccable customer relations. Anyone will be able to ensure follow-up by adapting to the customer’s preferences.

In conclusion

A good CRM is an essential customer relationship management tool, provided that it is simple to use, and that the system is accessible on a cell phone so that it can be used by a service agent in the store or on the road. So we need to think about applications to make it even more flexible and useful for agents.

Jean-Pierre Mercier

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